Call of Duty 4 - Weapons/Perks To Use (Sniper Rifles)

The sniper rifles in Call of Duty 4 are relatively powerful. with the obvious exception of the M21.
The first sniper (The M40A43), which is unlocked after leveling to level 3, is one of the most powerful. In a normal game it will most likely kill but it is possible that your opponent may survive - They may be using the perk "Juggernaut" which means they have extra health, or they may have only been shot in the foot.
The second sniper rifle, the M21, is appalling in most if not all aspects. It often takes more than 2 bullets to kill and it's accuracy is poor.
The Dragunov is the third sniper in Call of Duty 4 and is unlocked at level 22. It has similar statistics to the first sniper except it has a much faster rate of fire.
The fourth sniper, the R700, is basically an upgrade of the first sniper. It has a higher accuracy and higher damage, making it one of the most popular snipers.
The last sniper, the Barrett, has similar statistics compared to that of the R700, except it has a lower accuracy and higher rate of fire, making it probably the most popular sniper rifle in Call of Duty 4, however probably not the most used since it is only unlocked at level 49

Call of Duty 4 - Weapons/Perks To Use (SMG's)

Sub Machine Guns

Sub Machine Guns in Call of Duty 4 are, in my opinion, the best weapon that you can choose. The major advantage to a SMG is that it is mobile, you can easily move around and make it harder for your enemy to hit you. Furthermore, the majority of SMG's have a high damage rate and a moderate accuracy, which is very beneficial in close quarters combat. However, the major disadvantage to SMG's (With the exception to the P90) is that they can not carry much ammunition; This can be disadvantageous in long range combat maps. In my opinion, the MP5 is the best SMG because it has a relatively high power, accuracy and ammunition count. I find it most effective without any attachments.

Call of Duty 4 - Weapons/Perks To Use (Shotgun)


Shotguns are remarkably underpowered in Call of Duty 4, but what they lack in range they make up for in damage. If you know how to use it, the pump action shotgun can be very effective. A popular method can be used with the W1200, it is known as "Luring". Basically, you will jump out so a enemy a long distance away from you will see you. You then move away so they can no longer see you. You wait a short period of time, and then jump back again. You should find that your enemy has attempted to follow you. They will not have the time to stop. If you are using stopping power then you should have no problem dealing with them with one shot.

Bioshock - Pictures

You will find that sometime during the second level, you receive a camera. Take pictures of the "Splicers" at every avaliable oppurtunity, even if they are dead. This is because over time if you take photos of a specific type of "Splicer" you gain an advantage over that "Splicer", for example, you may do more damage against them. Furthermore you gain achievements in the Xbox 360 Version of the game for taking a certain amount of pictures.

Oblivion - Modding

If you own the Pc model of the game, then you can mod it; this means that you can adapt the game pretty much in any way you want - and it is completely legal/allowed. You will need to patch the game which means you will have to download the latest patch for the game. You will find that there are several tutorials to do this on Youtube etc. You then download the mod you want to add to the game - This could have a number of effects including new armor, new quests, the possibilities are endless - and place it in your Oblivion > Data Folder. If you are having trouble with this process you
can find tutorials on how to do this online on various websites.

Oblivion - Enchanting

If you want to enchant your own items, you will find that you are not able to make
them very powerful. This is because you can not get soul gems with more that 1600
charge. Furthermore as you learn new spells you can add more effects to your
weapons/armor. You can find item enchanters in the Mages Guild.

Oblivion - The Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood quest line will give you a lot of decent items as well as a lot
of experience. To become a member of the fighters guild, simply kill a random character, and then sleep. A Dark Brotherhood member will visit you with a proposal. The fighters guild quest line also leaves you with some decent items and a lot of fighting experience. To become a member simply talk to your local fighters guild leader. You will find that the Fighters Guild will not accept you if you have a bounty or if you have a bad reputation.