Call of Duty 4 - Weapons/Perks To Use (Sniper Rifles)

The sniper rifles in Call of Duty 4 are relatively powerful. with the obvious exception of the M21.
The first sniper (The M40A43), which is unlocked after leveling to level 3, is one of the most powerful. In a normal game it will most likely kill but it is possible that your opponent may survive - They may be using the perk "Juggernaut" which means they have extra health, or they may have only been shot in the foot.
The second sniper rifle, the M21, is appalling in most if not all aspects. It often takes more than 2 bullets to kill and it's accuracy is poor.
The Dragunov is the third sniper in Call of Duty 4 and is unlocked at level 22. It has similar statistics to the first sniper except it has a much faster rate of fire.
The fourth sniper, the R700, is basically an upgrade of the first sniper. It has a higher accuracy and higher damage, making it one of the most popular snipers.
The last sniper, the Barrett, has similar statistics compared to that of the R700, except it has a lower accuracy and higher rate of fire, making it probably the most popular sniper rifle in Call of Duty 4, however probably not the most used since it is only unlocked at level 49