Call of Duty 4 - Weapons/Perks To Use (SMG's)

Sub Machine Guns

Sub Machine Guns in Call of Duty 4 are, in my opinion, the best weapon that you can choose. The major advantage to a SMG is that it is mobile, you can easily move around and make it harder for your enemy to hit you. Furthermore, the majority of SMG's have a high damage rate and a moderate accuracy, which is very beneficial in close quarters combat. However, the major disadvantage to SMG's (With the exception to the P90) is that they can not carry much ammunition; This can be disadvantageous in long range combat maps. In my opinion, the MP5 is the best SMG because it has a relatively high power, accuracy and ammunition count. I find it most effective without any attachments.

Call of Duty 4 - Weapons/Perks To Use (Shotgun)


Shotguns are remarkably underpowered in Call of Duty 4, but what they lack in range they make up for in damage. If you know how to use it, the pump action shotgun can be very effective. A popular method can be used with the W1200, it is known as "Luring". Basically, you will jump out so a enemy a long distance away from you will see you. You then move away so they can no longer see you. You wait a short period of time, and then jump back again. You should find that your enemy has attempted to follow you. They will not have the time to stop. If you are using stopping power then you should have no problem dealing with them with one shot.

Bioshock - Pictures

You will find that sometime during the second level, you receive a camera. Take pictures of the "Splicers" at every avaliable oppurtunity, even if they are dead. This is because over time if you take photos of a specific type of "Splicer" you gain an advantage over that "Splicer", for example, you may do more damage against them. Furthermore you gain achievements in the Xbox 360 Version of the game for taking a certain amount of pictures.

Oblivion - Modding

If you own the Pc model of the game, then you can mod it; this means that you can adapt the game pretty much in any way you want - and it is completely legal/allowed. You will need to patch the game which means you will have to download the latest patch for the game. You will find that there are several tutorials to do this on Youtube etc. You then download the mod you want to add to the game - This could have a number of effects including new armor, new quests, the possibilities are endless - and place it in your Oblivion > Data Folder. If you are having trouble with this process you
can find tutorials on how to do this online on various websites.

Oblivion - Enchanting

If you want to enchant your own items, you will find that you are not able to make
them very powerful. This is because you can not get soul gems with more that 1600
charge. Furthermore as you learn new spells you can add more effects to your
weapons/armor. You can find item enchanters in the Mages Guild.

Oblivion - The Dark Brotherhood

The Dark Brotherhood quest line will give you a lot of decent items as well as a lot
of experience. To become a member of the fighters guild, simply kill a random character, and then sleep. A Dark Brotherhood member will visit you with a proposal. The fighters guild quest line also leaves you with some decent items and a lot of fighting experience. To become a member simply talk to your local fighters guild leader. You will find that the Fighters Guild will not accept you if you have a bounty or if you have a bad reputation.

Oblivion - Armor and Weapon Condition

You may find that you will want to repair your weapons/armor at every available
opportunity. This is because weapons do a lot more damage when they are at 100%
condition or above, and armor is much more effective at protecting you when it is in good condition. When you are a master of the "armorer" skill, you can repair your items to above 100% which means weapons do even more damage and armor is even more effective at protecting you.

Fallout 3 - Modding

As well as Oblivion, Fallout 3 can be modded if you own the PC version of the game. You can do anything from adding armor/weapons to adding a new quest. you will find that there are several websites devoted to this. There are also several tutorials on video hosting websites such as Youtube.

Fallout 3 - VATS

Make use of Vats - If you find that you have poor aim, then use the VATS system!
If you are close to your enemy the VATS aiming is very accurate and powerful, and you will find that it seldom requires more than one bullet to kill your enemy.

Fallout 3 - The Wasteland

If you are one for exploring, then simply wander throughout the Wasteland and
intercept bandits/camps etc. and you will find that they will sometimes have some
interesting stuff. There is also a secret location in the North of the wasteland where you can get your hands on a special plasma weapon...

Fallout 3 - Ammunition

You will find that throughout the game ammunition, is scarce - Make use of melee
weapons as much as possible and if you do use your guns, then aim for the head using VATS so you use as little ammunition as possible.

Boss Tips - Dr. Steinman

This is the first major boss that you will encounter. If you are on medium difficulty or below, you should not find him too hard. However, on Hard, unless you have a effective stratergy, he will wipe the floor with you. Here are some tips:

- Hack the Healing Stations - When he has low health, he will attempt to heal at a nearby healing station. To solve this, simply hack it. This will cause the good doctor to loose some health as well as rendering him immobile for a while.

- You can use telekinesis to take one of the nearby oxygen tanks and throwing it at him - This can cause a substantial amount of damage and also render him immobile for a short period of time.

- Keep Moving - If you do not keep moving, he will simply shoot you and hit you with his powerful Tommy-gun and you will find yourself being revived in a Vita Chamber if you're not careful.

Big Daddies Part 4

Finally. The hardest way. The most boring and time consuming way. If you have no decent items, no armor-piercing bullets and no money, then here is a way to defeat the daddies. Quite Simply, find the daddy, and hit it with your wrench. As much as you can. Until you die. Once you have died, you will be revived in a nearby Vita Chamber. Simply find the Daddy again, and carry on where you left off. This method is time consuming, as well as boring as hell, but it does get the job done. Eventually. Note, this is very ineffective on Hard difficulty.

Big Daddies Part 3

Now, the most expensive way to kill Big Daddies. If you have a LOT of armor piercing bullets, about 80, then simply shoot the Daddy, preferably while your quite far away, and eventually it will kill it. This does take a while, so it is recommended to either freeze or shock your enemy, especially if it gets close to you.

Big Daddies Part 2

If you have already received the crossbow from the artist about half-way through the game and you have some trap bolts, there is a very simple way to deal with the big daddies - Simply shoot the trap bolts at the Big Daddy, and you will find that they do a significant amount of damage. After you have shot the bolt you may want to move a bit because if you get a direct hit and you do not move, you will be hurt as well.

Bioshock - Big Daddies Part 1

You will find that unless you are on the easy difficulty, Big Daddies are actually rather hard to kill. Here is one stratergy that can be employed against them:

- Use Proximity Mines: Attack a Big Daddy with a long ranged weapon, just so it is following you. Then, run away from it, dropping proximity mines as you go. If you need time to reload, you could try shocking or freezing it to buy you some time.

Bioshock - Effective Method of Attacking Splicers

Shock or freeze your enemy, and then attack them with the wrench or another weapon. Unless you are on hard difficulty, you will find that it will not take more than about one bullet or swing of your wrench, as long as you aim for the head.

Bioshock - Plasmids

Choose your Plasmids wisely - Gene machines where you can exchange your Plasmids are rare. Match your chosen Plasmids to your environment, for example, when you are in the icy area, you must have the inferno Plasmid, without it, you will no get very far.

Bioshock - Money

In Bioshock, you can gain money from either defeated enemies, or containers/safes etc.
You will find that if you manage to own $500 in the game, your wallet will not be able to carry any more. If this happens to you, simple find the nearest vending machine an "invest" in some items - I would spend no more that $200.

Bioshock - Vita Chambers

- Use the Vita Chambers! If you die anywhere in Rapture (excluding the final boss battle), you will be revived and brought back to life in a Vita Chamber. This can be hugely beneficial - If you are trying to kill a Big Daddy, but finding it difficult, simply attack it until it kills you, find it again and carry on attacking it - Do not fear dieing.

Bioshock - Little Sisters

- Save the Little Sisters! You may feel inclined to harvest the Little Sisters throughout the game, however it is much more beneficial to save them. You ask why. Whereas you receive less Adam for rescuing the Little Sisters, for every 3 you save, you will receive a gift from the little sisters. This will comprise of 200-400 Adam and also various rare ammunition and items.

Bioshock - The Wrench

Here are some simple tips that will help you on your way throughout Rapture:

- Use the Wrench! The Wrench, the first weapon that you receive is actually rather powerful, considering it is the first weapon in the game. Especially since ammunition is rather scarce throughout the game, the wrench makes an excellent alternative to guns. Furthermore there are several tonics situated throughout the game that can enhance the power of the wrench.