Boss Tips - Dr. Steinman

This is the first major boss that you will encounter. If you are on medium difficulty or below, you should not find him too hard. However, on Hard, unless you have a effective stratergy, he will wipe the floor with you. Here are some tips:

- Hack the Healing Stations - When he has low health, he will attempt to heal at a nearby healing station. To solve this, simply hack it. This will cause the good doctor to loose some health as well as rendering him immobile for a while.

- You can use telekinesis to take one of the nearby oxygen tanks and throwing it at him - This can cause a substantial amount of damage and also render him immobile for a short period of time.

- Keep Moving - If you do not keep moving, he will simply shoot you and hit you with his powerful Tommy-gun and you will find yourself being revived in a Vita Chamber if you're not careful.